Ways to Make Your Bedroom Cozy for Fall




Cozy bedrooms have been trending in recent years, likely due to the higher amounts of stress people are experiencing these days.

No matter what cozy trend you gravitate toward, there are several ways to make your bedroom feel like a warm, welcoming nest at the end of a long day.

Create a Soft Bed

If you’re wondering how to make a bedroom feel cozy, the best place to start is your bed. Franklin suggests that to make your bed feel “ultra-luxurious,” outfit it with a fluffy comforter or duvet, soft throw pillows, and blankets.


Warm up the Floor

A bedroom can’t possibly feel cozy if the floor is cold under your feet. To remedy this problem, Franklin recommends adding softness to the floor with a plush area rug that reflects the color scheme of your bedroom.


Clear the Clutter

Clutter is an instant mood-buster in any bedroom—especially in a small bedroom, where clutter can add up fast. To address the clutter, make sure all clothing is put away and only keep out what is necessary on tabletops, dressers, and bedside tables.


Keep the Wall Decor Minimal

“Similar to tabletops and closets, you will want the walls to be decluttered as well,” says Franklin. “Instead of adding many pieces to your walls, choose a focal wall or two to display one piece of art or a wall hanging on each. 


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