11 Culprits Behind Your Snake Plants Brown Tips & Easy Solutions



The snake plant, also called mother-in-law’s tongue, is a typical house plant thanks to its low care needs and attractive appearance.

A member of the succulent family, it has sword-shaped green leaves that stick straight up, almost looking like artificial foliage.

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11 Causes for Brown Tips on Snake Plant and Solutions

You’re Not Watering It Enough

If you leave it for several weeks to go on vacation without enlisting someone to drop by and water it or forget to water it yourself for long enough, your plant will start to suffer from dehydration.


You’re Watering It Too Much

Since your snake plant keeps good water reserves on its own, it doesn’t need to absorb too much from the soil. That means the soil will stay wet if you keep watering your plant.


You’re Watering It With Overly Chlorinated Water

Your tap water could contain chemicals like chlorine to kill pathogens and make it safe to drink. However, your snake plant may be more sensitive to chlorine than you are.


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