Ways to Create Curb Appeal That Sells




For most Americans, homeownership is still the ‘American Dream.’ Having a place of your own is something we all covet, essentially because homeownership also happens to be the number one way most adults build wealth.

Today, we will share some of the most effective ways to increase your home’s value, from things you can do yourself to large overhauls that have a large return on investment!

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Ten Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

Declutter Your Property

Perhaps one of the quickest ways to increase your home’s value if you’re selling is to decrease the amount of stuff you have outside your home. 


Deep Clean

Like decluttering your property, you can give your home a deep clean for free and make it look nice, thus increasing the value. Power washing the front steps won’t increase your home value tenfold, but it will make them look better and be more attractive to prospective buyers.


Stage the Outdoors

Everyone has a realtor friend, be sure to call them and ask them to help you stage your home the right way if you’re close to selling. Focus on staging areas where buyers can see themselves relaxing.


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