Onion Growing Stages: From Bulb & Seed + Growing Tips




Today, we will unearth the truth about these versatile bulbs, explaining the best growing conditions for onions, the onion life cycle, and the onion growing stages.

Plus, we’ll also debunk some myths about spring onions and scallions.

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10 Onion Growing Stages of the Common Onion

First Is Planting

Different planting methods exist for growing onions, such as from seeds, onion sets, or mature plants. Onions are cool-season vegetables that can be planted in early spring or fall, depending on your location.



This process depends on temperature, humidity, and soil type. Well-drained soil rich in nutrients is optimal for growing onions, while clay soil should be avoided. If the growing conditions are not optimal, this onion growing stage may take a few weeks longer.


Vegetative Growth / Sprouting

During photosynthesis, the seedling converts sunlight into energy. The onion plant uses this energy to grow green vegetation.


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