Of the Most Expensive Chicken Breeds in the World




There is a plethora of incredible chicken breeds ranging from cheap to expensive and somewhere in between. In addition, certain breeds are raised for egg production, while others are known for their delicious meats.

Most chicken breeds cost between one and five dollars when purchased as chicks. Here is a look at the most expensive chicken breeds.

Ayam Cemani

The Ayam Cemani is a rare chicken breed from the Indonesian island of Java. They are beautiful black chickens, and even their bones are black. Many components of Ayam Cemani, including the blood, are widely used in traditional medicine and religious rituals.


Kadaknath Chicken

Originating from India, the Kadaknath chicken is one of the rarer black chicken breeds. They are expensive primarily due to their dark appearance and delicious dark meat.


Dong Tao Chicken

The Dong Tao chicken originates from Vietnam and is known for having the most delicious meat of any breed, with the thickest legs. However, the demand is so high that the breeders can’t keep up.


Orust Chicken

The Orust chicken is a breed close to extinction, making them one of the rarest types of birds to attain. They are native to Sweden and naturally have a pleasing spotted black-and-white appearance.


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