Honest Ways People Afforded Their Land for Homesteading




Are you curious about how people afford the land for homesteading? You’ve got company. 

Someone recently took to  a popular online homesteader forum and asked how people afford  the property to live off-grid and for homesteading, and these are the top-voted responses.

Dual Incomes

One man noted that dual incomes have been crucial for his family’s homestead’s success. Their dream was to have at least one retire to work on the property full-time. Still, inflation makes the payments only possible with them working.


Corporate Work

Another shared, “I work in a corporate office setting, opposite where I want my life to end. However, I was offered a high-paying job, so I decided to work at this company until I had enough to work on my property instead of working for someone else.”


Renovate a Bus

“My significant other and I purchased a bus to minimize expenses until we could save up for our property. We both currently work full-time jobs and use a car with high gas mileage to get around. It has allowed us to put away thousands that would have gone towards rent,” one confessed.


Temporary Lodge Tent

Another shared that their family bought a lodge tent, a 12-foot by 12-foot tent that they have insulated enough to face the mild climate where they live. They put this tent up on the property as a comfortable place to live.


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