Best Tips for Ensuring Your Rosemary’s Survival




Are you looking for a practical plant that is simple to care for, functional, and delicious? Rosemary is a beautiful Mediterranean plant that thrives best in warm, humid climates and typically cannot survive frigid temperatures below 30F.

The ideal temperature range is between 60 to 85 F (15 to 30 C). Here are some tips to ensure your Rosemary plant’s survival.

Determine Your Grow Zone Conditions

Rosemary flourishes best in Grow Zones 7-10, with Zone 6 commonly reporting successful cultivation. Various types of rosemary grow differently, pending on climate conditions.


Pot, Planter Box, or in the Garden?

Like potatoes, rosemary can prosper potted in large containers. However, planters, raised beds, and freely growing in the garden, are viable, provided you have good drainage and direct sunlight.


Don’t Overwater Your Rosemary

Overwatering rosemary causes root rot and will kill your plant pretty quickly. So it’s essential to wet the plant generously, allow the excess to drain from the pot’s base, and wait to water again until the soil is dry. 


Use Sand to Boost Drainage

Using sand with well-drained soil, organic material, and regular dirt mix is ideal for optimal drainage. Additionally, avoid using potting mix because root rot is common under those circumstances for rosemary.


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