Best Beginner Tips for Your Community Garden Plot




Many communities are embracing these gardening techniques to grow their own food and fellowship with their neighbors.

After a Redditor shared their first gardening plot, they asked for the best beginner tips. Here are the top-voted recommendations.

Give Plants Ample Room To Grow

It’s easy to underestimate the size of the mature plant. Give the plants enough space to grow. Every plant will have different space needs. 


Be Careful With Sickly Plants and Disease

If you prune a disease-ridden plant, remember to sanitize your garden shears, hands, and other tools to limit the spread. It’s better to use natural methods to reduce pests and diseases.


Thin Seedlings

If you don’t thin and trim your seedlings, they will compete for space and nutrients. It will likely result in stunted growth of all plants and disease.


Use Mulch

Mulch is a layer of material put on the surface of the soil to conserve moisture and improve fertility. Many in the thread noted that plastic is commonly used as mulch, but it’s better to use biodegradable organic mulches.


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