ZilberHaar Pocket Mustache and Beard Brush



  • 100% First cut, boar bristles (Stiff)
  • Made in Germany
  • Made in Germany — Quality craftsmanship with all natural materials. Pure stiff boar bristles and pear wood. Minimal chemical treatments as maintaining quality and naturally safe materials is always just better.
  • Reduce Beard-Itch — Our travel boar beard brush is designed to untangle your beard on the go. The carefully crafted beard brush boar bristle penetrates through the hairs and exfoliates your skin. This reduces beard itch and straightens your beard. A must for your travel beard brush grooming kit.
  • Soften your beard — This natural boar bristle brush untangles your beard hair and exfoliates your skin to promote healthy beard growth by removing particles such as dandruff and reducing the risk of ingrown hairs.
  • Gift idea for men — This natural bristle hair brush for beard grooming is a perfect way to show appreciation to his facial hair. This is the perfect skin care tool for men that will assist them in making that beard grow.
  • Honest. Natural. Sustainable — ZilberHaar beard and hair grooming products are made with natural materials from sustainable sources. Quality is the top priority for all our beard care products. Lifetime guarantee instructions inside.