127.9K People Love This Video: Making Homemade Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel can be hard to find without chemicals. The solution? Make your own gel from the plant. That’s what one TikTok user: Luloskin did, and 127.9 thousand users have loved the video. It’s surprisingly easy to do and has many benefits.

It is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory with many uses. The TikTok creator uses it as a moisturizing facial toner. Being that it is safe and gentle for sensitive skin. 

Quick Guide to Making Aloe Vera Gel

woman hands  holding homemade ale vera gel
  1. Soak in water for ten minutes; this removes yellow, smelly sap (if you’re drinking the gel, you also want to remove this due to its laxative effect and bitter taste).
  2. Cut open and remove the clear gel.
  3. Wash again to remove gooey material.
  4. Blend to improve texture.
  5. Store in a refrigerator for up to one week (once it turns pink, it has gone bad).
  6. If used as a facial toner, apply it to a cotton swab and rub it onto the face.

How TikTok Responded

Some users, such as Alicia were skeptical: “Aloe Vera…is made out of chemicals. Most of the chemicals in high quality store aloe gel is just harmless preservatives since it doesn’t last long.” 

Other users responded: “yea but we don’t want them on our skin, and it works better when it’s fresh and not preserved on a shelf for weeks, they also tend to contain fillers.”

An interesting comment popped up by a user who thought there was hair in the gel, but it turned out to be a plant vein: “so no ones going to talk about the strand of hair that was in the cup? or are you guys just blind”, the creator responded: “It’s a vein from the gel! I wish my hair was that think! (thick)”.

User ER mentioned they did this but got itchy and red skin: “I did same way but not for my skin coz I got itchy n redness after applied it to my skin.” Lulo responded with a possible cause: “Did you remove the sap/latex? That’s the part that might cause irritation. Most people don’t teach to remove it and it’s so important!!”.

Another user wanted to know how often they could use the aloe gel: “How often do you use? Thanks so much!”, and Lulo says it can be used everday.”

The next logical question would be how to use it. Which was asked: “I have my aloe Vera ready in fridge, when do I apply it ? And do I rinse after ?” the answer: “use it as a toner in the morning. Put it on a cotton round and apply to your face and neck. Don’t rinse after. Lmk how it goes!”.

Users Sharing What They’ve Used Aloe Vera Gel For

  • “My mom was rubbing on the leaf on my scratches”
  • “isn’t it good for hair too?”
  • “I have an alovera mask on my rn”
  • “It’s a laxative? I used to drink that everyday as a kid-“
  • “so could i substitute my normal moisturizer for aloe vera?”

One user warns not to drink it: DON’T DRINK IT, aloe was proven unsafe to drink few month ago.” As there are some potential concerns. Mindbodygreen.com mentions experts state drinking aloe vera could cause:

  • Bowel irritation and electrolyte imbalance
  • Possible interaction with prescription drugs
  • Blood thinning

Due to The Risks, Stick to Topical Uses

Despite being a well-known medicinal plant, aloe vera juice use carries several health risks. Stick to topical applications, which have little to no adverse effects.

Here is the TikTok video link.

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